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Entertainment, Copyright and Media Law


The firm has an expertise in representing producers, artists, creators, filmmakers and performers and representation of IP holders in the print and electronic media. We are in direct contact with the Israeli content industry, media, stage, music, cinema, TV and New - Media, mobile and Internet Israeli environment. 

The firm was founded on the eve of the multi-channel television revolution in Israel and since, has been a leading counsel to the creators and performers struggle to consolidate and protect their IP rights. Our firm has proven contribution to advancing the professional status of artists and performers in Israel in all and in particular. Our clients include prominent writers, journalists, copywriters, content developers and program managers, playwrights, screenwriters, directors, editors, musicians, composers, singers, actors and stage artists, designers, illustrators and visual artists and also leading agencies of Israeli artists managers, producers and production companies and foreign investors in Israeli content. 

Our firm has extensive experience in conducting negotiations on behalf of artists, executives, foreign and local investors in Israeli content v. local broadcasters and production companies. We have also been involved in innumerable engagements in the television and film industry and have conducted legal representation of investors 'due diligence' and 'Chain of Title' notarized research on behalf of foreign, media and production companies.



Areas of Practice


Real Estate


The firm represents individuals in transactions of sale, purchase and rental of apartments and homes in Israel, provides consulting and real estate investments, real estate management services and representation of companies and corporations in transactions of rent, purchase, sale of real property within Israel.

The firm supplies management services of real property in Israel, to Israelis as well as to non residents.

Probate, Succession, Last Wills and Testaments


Our firm also provides professional advice on inheritance and estates, preparation of last wills and testaments, estate execution and estate management, handling, issuing administrative succession and probate and representation in courts in such matters.

Our firm has expertise in the management of estates of deceased artists. 

Our clients are the estates of some of Israel greatest deceased artists.

Notary Services


The firm provides all notary services, including notarization of copyrights, notarized Last Wills and Testaments, preparation and notarization of pre-nap and financial agreements, signature certificates and notarized translations to and from Hebrew, English and Italian and are accredited by the Italian Embassy in Israel.


Midiation and Arbitration 

The firm provides Midiation and Arbitration services in our areas of expertise.

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